Atai Fuji’s VKP series were originally designed by Fuji Electric Japan, with the features of high-quality, high-performance, and high-efficiency, our coolant pumps have proven their reliability in service for many decades, performing stably day by day with practically no down time, and successfully gained a significant market share in Japan.
Atai Fuji has developed the new VKP 7 series based on the decades of experience of manufacturing and reselling products for Fuji Electric, TERAL groups and the distributors all over the world. The new series pursues a most cost-effective design, it is especially suitable for customers who require to replace and update equipment regularly, and as well a good choice for using in the environment which is less severe.
We will start accepting pre-orders for the new VKP 7 series in June 2021, and mass production and delivery are expected to begin in August 2021. There will be four new models launched in the very first stage: VKP077A, VKP087A, VKP097A, and VKP117A. Detailed specifications will be announced shortly.