Dry Screw Vacuum Pump

The dry screw vacuum pump in our lineup has a structure not using liquid to create a clean and highly sealed environment. It could operate under special gas or steam without failure.

Plus the MPA model with additional booster pump could provide high pumping speed and be able to cover various customers’ needs with high flexibility.

SPA Series/Standard type vacuum pump

No lubricating oil and pollution. Rotors can be coated with suitable materials able to operate in a harsh process.

SPB Series/Next generation vacuum pump

The patent rotors design. Low exhaust temperature and noise, energy saving up to 30% against traditional design.

MPA Series/Combining with booster pump

Combining with a booster pump could increase the pumping rate and shorten the time to reach the ultimate pressure.

UPB Series/Next generation combining with booster pump

Self-developed speed controller, IE4 efficiency standard under any operation. Increase pumping speed by 40%.